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Harm Minimisation

Responsible Service of Alcohol


Responsible service of alcohol is vital for legal, health and community reasons. Our society is now less tolerant of the irresponsible use of alcohol that leads to drunkenness, drink driving and under-age drinking. We are now far more aware of the serious social problems that are associated with such behavior.


CLUB FORSTER and SPORTIES TUNCURRY (trading as the Forster-Tuncurry Memorial Services Club Ltd.) has adopted the following strategies for the Responsible Service of Alcohol:


  • HOUSE POLICY - providing the framework for the responsible service of alcohol.
  • TRAINING OF STAFF - so that they can implement and promote the house policy.
  • EDUCATION OF PATRONS - so that they may understand the implications of and abide by the responsible service of alcohol policy.


Responsible Gambling


  • If gambling is a problem for you, a family member or a friend, someone to talk to is only a phone call away 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Free calls to this number do not appear on your home or work phone bill.
  • Think! About your choices.| Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858 |
  • G-Line TTY (For hearing impaired only) - Phone: 1800 633 649




  • Gamblers Anonymous - Phone: (02) 9564 1574
  • Salvation Army - Phone: (02) 6554 6101
  • Local Gamblers Support Group - Phone: (02) 6554 8168
  • Wesley Mission - Phone: 1800 99 77 66


Smoke Free Environment Policy


Effective 2 July 2007


Club Forster and the Sporties Tuncurry will provide a smoke-free environment in enclosed areas of all their licensed premises.




This policy is intended to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all patrons and staff to ensure compliance with any relevant organisation to minimise the litter associated with cigarettes to promote initiatives associated with the cessation of smoking in the community.




This policy will apply to all members, visitors, staff and contractors at all licensed premises of Club Forster and the Sporties Tuncurry.


Supporting Legislation


  • The objectives of this policy are supported by the provisions of Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000 (NSW)
  • NSW Smoke-Free Environment Amendment Act 2004 (NSW)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (NSW)
  • Public Health Act 1991 (NSW)
  • Protection of the Environment Operations Amendment (Littering) Act 2000
  • Registered Clubs Act 1976 (NSW)
  • Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW)
  • Local Government Act (NSW).




Club Forster and the Sporties Tuncurry are responsible for ensuring that:


  • This policy is observed Job applicants are informed of the Policy at interview Members, visitors, staff and contractors are adequately informed about the Policy.
  • A copy of the Policy is available on request.
  • All ashtrays are removed from enclosed areas Receptacles for disposal of smoking material are provided in authorised smoking areas.
  • Approved regulatory signage is installed and maintained throughout the premises as required.
  • Any grievances related to the policy will be dealt with, in confidence by Club Management and staff in an expeditious manner.
  • Members, visitors, staff and contractors are responsible for ensuring that:
  • They comply with the policy.
  • They abide with all directions and instructions issued by Management and staff to comply with the policy.
  • They report any breach of the policy to Management and staff.


Enforcement of the Policy


Club Management and staff will have the authority and responsibility to enforce the requirements of this policy.



Breaches of the Policy Section 67A (1) (d1) of the Registered Clubs Act 1976 gives our Clubs authority to refuse entry and/or to eject any person from our premises if that person smokes in a smoke-free area, in breach of this policy. Any breach of this policy by a Club or staff member will be dealt with in line with the relevant disciplinary procedure of our Clubs.

Registered Clubs Act


This Club is by law required to keep a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the Club including:


  • A list of disclosures, declarations and returns made by the governing body and employees of the Club.
  • The salary bands of the Club's Top Executives.
  • Details of the overseas travel made by the governing body and employees of the Club.
  • Details of loans given by the Club to employees.
  • Details of certain contracts executed by the Club.
  • Salary details of Club employees who are close relatives of the Club's governing body and Top Executives.
  • Details of the payments made by the Club for consultant services.
  • Details of legal settlements made by the Club with a member of the governing body or employee of the Club.
  • Details of legal fees paid by the Club for a member of the governing body or an employee of the Club.
  • The Club's annual gaming machine profit.
  • The amount applied by the Club to community development and support.




  • The Club must prepare quarterly financial statements for the governing body that incorporate:
  • The Club's profit and loss accounts & trading accounts for the quarter, and a balance sheet as at the end of the quarter.
  • Members may view the register or the financial statements by written request to the Club
    ( Director of Liquor and Gaming.)



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